About Us

Tom Carlson opened his Valley Oak Cabinet shop in 1982. As his reputation for quality craftsmanship grew, the quickly evolving needs of the construction industry drove quick expansion to the financially sound full service cabinet, window, door, hardware, and millwork shop of today.

Decades of Expertise…Thousands of Results
Tom has booked thousands of hours at his craft, and his quality standards are exceptional.   Valley Oak has built cabinets for more than 1,000 homes in the Santa Ynez Valley and other areas of Santa Barbara. His shop has delivered more than 3,000 custom doors and windows to residential and commercial building projects.

Mastery of Design
A master of handcrafted, hand-hewn wood products, Tom specializes in developing unique kitchen and bath plans, as well as shelving, molding, and furniture designs including hutches and tables.

Accountable to the Budget & Time
Tom works using computer-aided drawings in three-dimensional, color plans. With the capacity to adjust his plans and selections to meet client budget and design needs, estimates are complete, out the door, no strings attached and no surprises. Tom and his staff bid what the job requires…..nothing more and nothing less.